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Your Coins are unmistakably You

Your designs. Your conversations. Your communities.


Personalize your own Coins

Name it, choose media for the front and back, choose colors and go!

Get funky with colors to grab attention.


Every Coin carries Conversation

Receive a Coin from a friend? Say thanks!

Collectors comment on the Coins that interest them.


Connect with Coinholders

The more a Coin is shared, the bigger its network grows.

View a Coin's Circulation to Connect with other Coinholders.

Your Coins spread Your Message

Promote your brand or your content with actionable, sharable rewards


Bring your Followers Together

Sporting stars, actors, musicians and more create branded communities that bring Followers together.

💖 Share the Love Kred Coins house conversation about things we love


Promote your Content

Your Kred Coin is a tool for distribution. Send Coins to your fans where your content is the call to action.

🎶 Download Link Offer your fans exclusive access


Celebrate an Event

Mark a meaningful day in your brand's history with a commemorative Kred Coin. Tie your Coin to a one-time offer that your community can't resist.

🛍️ Limited Offer Link to an exclusive, time sensitive offer


Drive Brand Awareness

Nobody puts their logos on yoyos anymore. Branded collectibles are back with the immutability of blockchain.

🎨 Unmistakably You Your logo. Your colors. Your messaging.

Make up to 100 Coins for just $10

100 of the same style in a single batch, or maybe 10 batches with 10 different designs? It's your call.

Kred Coins carry value in CƘr, Kred's ERC20 cryptocurrency, which is currently available for purchase at a rate of $1.00 = 1 CƘr.

Introductory rates allow all users to create Coins for as low as $0.10 (equivalent in CƘr) each.

Early Adopters: Signup now to get 2 CƘr free - enough to make 20 Coins!